Apr. 19th, 2009

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So here we are, less than two weeks before the event! Considering how tight everyone's budgets are this year, I'm really impressed and touched by how quickly my little thermometer on the Run/Walk site has started to fill up. It's not at its total--please help move it up!

Once again, all funds we raise will go to fight cancer, and your donation IS tax deductible! Well, unless you're not in the US. Sorry. {{}} Whether it's $5 or $25 or (gasp) $55, I really appreciate it. Lastly, I have gotten confirmation from my/our employer that, economy notwithstanding, they will as always match 50% of your donation.

I hope you will visit my fundraising site and make a donation.

If you are not comfortable using the online donation form, you can either print out a form from the website and mail that in--my bib number is 204 (this is Very Important)--or find me and we can take care of it face to face. Cash works too, no worries.

Please help if you can. If you have any questions, write to me or stop by my office sometime. And please, please--if you've already supported someone else, or are yourself a participant, or for whatever other reason want me to leave you be, tell me to knock it off. I promise I will! :-)


(p.s. - apologies to those of you seeing this twice or thrice via Facebook and LJ!)


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